Friday, July 16, 2010

ATWT: More of the L-Shaped Triangle

Wednesday, July 14th:

As much as I'm not a fan of Reid, I was glad to see Bob stand up for him. No one should ever be discriminated against because of their sexuality. But the problem with this latest story development though is that it really seemed out of the blue that Mona was suddenly homophobic. Just three weeks before, the objections had nothing to do with that. Bob himself emphasized that the first day this issue of Luke and Reid being in a relationship came to blows. Now suddenly the woman that wants to buy the hospital is a homophobe? More disjointed writing.

Reid wasn't bothering me as much as he usually does this time around, but the lack of Noah in this storyline is really annoying. This storyline is supposed to be a triangle, but it’s coming off very L-shaped. Such a shame. My opinions on the writing aside, I'd say the potential is there with three talented actors. Van is as great as usual; same as Jake (when he's actually on), and I'm actually warming up to Eric rather nicely. It's the writing and story direction that makes me want to throw something at the television set at the end of an episode. And it is this way with the rest of the show too. I remember Guiding Light actually increasing somewhat in quality post-cancellation notice; with this show, it's the opposite.

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ld152 said...

I love Reid! ♥♥♥ Eric is the best! Him and Van are really lighting up the screen.

I think people are very mistaken thinking that this is supposed to be a triangle and it's not. Luke is over Noah and has chosen to move on. He's not thinking about or pining over Noah. He might still love or care about him, but he's not IN LOVE with him. Big difference there. This is a good thing IMO because let's face it, Luke and Noah make better friends than lovers.

Noah is not around because he is not even a issue in Luke's and Reid's relationship, the story right now is about Luke and Reid falling in love, which is what's been happening since nearly the first time they met. They both fought hard against it at first, but as they got to know each other, they could not deny their feelings for long.