Saturday, May 22, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (5/21): Empty Nest

I mentioned a while back that in 1991 on NBC during their Saturday Night line-up, that there was a special themed “Hurricane Night” as it were. As all three Susan Harris shows airing at the time, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Nurses, each set in Miami, dealt with the same storm. I’m sure if you’re a Golden Girls fan, you’ve seen “The Monkey Show.” Here is Empty Nest’s take on the night. Basically it’s found out pretty earnestly that now is not the best time for the Weston clan try to sell their house.

Fun episode. I can’t see a network line-up taking advantage of using the same story device this way in television today. Unless someone like Seth MacFarlane did something with the 3 of his shows.

Empty Nest, my online pick of the week!