Saturday, May 15, 2010

ATWT: Rise and Shine

Wednesday, May 12th:

For starters, Reid snapping at Luke to get him to wake up? So freaking inappropriate! But that’s also Reid. Sigh.

Finally! So glad Noah woke up. Such a lack of Noah in this storyline almost made me think we couldn’t even see Noah waking up on-screen.

Today pretty much explains why I’m much more willing to be patient with Noah no matter how crazy he may drive me. I’ll appreciate anyone who’s at least willing to apologize for the rough time they put their loved one through. This is why Reid’s annoyed me. All the Richie Rich insults and so forth; he was totally willing to ask for help. But no apology. No admitting he was wrong. No nothing. All it did is make him look like a hypocrite.

Lily knew right from the bat that Luke has feelings for Reid. I am amazed, because as of lately when Lily’s been involved in a story, her brain doesn’t seem to function all that well.

Thursday, May 13th:

Reid is just like Stewie Griffin's description of Gary Busey: frequently aggressive in situations that don't call for it. This guy drove me absolutely batty today! As much as Noah's pushing of Luke away annoyed me, the guy was raised in an environment in which it was deemed not okay to show emotion or ask for any kind of help. Which is why I've been more willing to be patient with him. Reid on the other hand, we know absolutely nothing as to what makes him so assy and standoffish; and he's been like this since before kissing Luke the first time, and even before boarding a plane to Oakdale. Which is why I have been unable to form any kind of sympathy for the guy; the show hasn’t given me any kind of reason to. And even if Luke does feel guilty about kissing Reid, it’s been established before any kissing took place that he’s still got a large emotional attachment to Noah. His break-up with him was far from a clean break. I just wonder what would happen if Luke and Reid did have a long term thing. Because if past story has told us anything, it’s that with Luke Snyder, patience is a virtue. And if he’s going to get all butthurt at this point, and not just butthurt over Luke being with Noah, but even with Casey and Alison, a real relationship when it’s actually started is easily going to be one extra incredibly bumpy rollercoaster ride. Not involved in his patients personal lives, indeed!

As painful a conversation as it was on the roof, it needed to be said. I love Noah to bits but it'd be unrealistic at this point to expect things to be the exact same between he and Luke. Especially if Noah told Luke to move on with his life. Basically if you tell your ex-partner to move on with their life, the chances are high it’s going to happen. And you can’t be surprised if changes have occurred.

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