Thursday, May 6, 2010

ATWT: Emotional!Luke Day

Wednesday, May 5th:

Um, okay. Wow. Well, damn. With this episode I pretty much have three things to say:

One: If Reid starts something with Luke knowing full well how vulnerable and emotionally involved Luke still is with Noah despite a break-up… and in the end he has his heart broken, I’m not going to be feeling very sorry for him. It’s standing out like a sore thumb that anything between Luke and Reid (a.k.a. LuRe, Ruke, Loliver, Snoliver, Ryder, Lubitchy, take your pick) is going to be just a big, fat rebound, and no matter how hot Luke gets over Reid it’s very clear where his heart is.

Two: I know I'm not Reid's biggest fan at this point but even I think he wouldn't harm Noah on purpose. First, for someone who values his career more than anything (which is apparently the reason for his assiness in the first place), it really wouldn't make much sense to deliberately attempt to let someone die on the operating table. We already saw the potential damage with one person who did die and that was definitely accidental. Secondly, it's obvious that no matter what state Luke and Noah are in their relationship or lack thereof, that Luke still cares about Noah very much and intentionally botching Noah's surgery really isn't going to help Reid look good in the long run if he wants any kind of serious thing with Luke. I mean, look at how Luke went off today. This being said, in the beginning though, Reid boasting about how he’s the greatest neurosurgeon known to man really doesn’t help him at all. And I’m assuming that along with the death of the girl that he operated on, that along with the death itself, Reid’s ego and inhospitable style demeanor is what also contributed to the girl’s father going off into a fit of rage.

Three: This was some of Van’s best acting ever. Emotions and everything were all there as usual, but today he really shined. How has he not won an Emmy yet?

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