Friday, May 21, 2010

ATWT: Confused?

Wednesday, May 19th:

Wow, Luke is really bad at B.S.'ing his way out of anything. It's plain as the look on his cute face that something more is going on with him and Reid than he's letting on. Noah wasn't born yesterday.

I'm really tired of McDouchey's attitude. To put things in a nutshell, Reid, Luke and Noah have been honest with each other long before this accident. And again, there's no reason why Reid is so assy. At this point he just continues to come off as bitter and butthurt. The more hissy fits and bitter barrages he throws the less and less I enjoy the idea of a Luke/Reid coupling... and I was never too on board with that to begin with. If only he'd handle himself with some common courtesy as well as getting straight to the point.

Loving the Noah and Alison interaction. This should have been happening from the very beginning of this break-up.

Thursday, May 20th:

What in the world is up with Reid? First he gets all angrypants when he sees Luke and Noah together. Then he tells Noah to fight for Luke; and then later after that when Luke says he doesn’t understand Noah and Reid knows the whole honest to God truth about it all, he doesn‘t say a dang thing to prove the contrary. Um, what? And I love Luke to bits but Noah is NOT confused at this point. At ALL! YOU ARE. Basically right now the only one who is spilling his guts 100% about this whole hot mess is Noah. And I’m still sick of Reid’s attitude. The world does not revolve around him and he can’t just be pissy with everyone when things don’t go his way. If Reid wants any kind of significant relationship with Luke, then he had better start respecting Luke’s family members, especially his mother.

Noah is breaking my heart into about sixty-‘leven kajillion pieces. He knows he’s screwed up with handling things and he wants to make it right. I wish he wouldn’t clam up and surrender so quickly. And points for the show for finally divulging more of Noah’s point of view. It’s been badly needed.

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