Friday, May 7, 2010

ATWT: Hot Mess

Thursday, May 6th:

Sorry, Reid, looks like you won't be getting in Luke's pants tonight. Or as Alex Trebek would say: "ooh... sorry."

Though seriously, I’m pretty much reiterating what I said yesterday. It’s obvious what an emotional attraction Luke still has to Noah; and if later down the line Reid gets involved with Luke knowing this from the get-go, and it doesn’t end happily for him, I’m not going to feel all that bad for him. He knows what the stakes are. I'm glad that Luke stopped things though. It would have been so out of character for him to screw Reid at this point. Talk about bad timing.

I’ve questioned Luke and Reid’s chemistry in some instances. Sometimes it’s off… sometimes it’s on. Today it was definitely on. The first kiss itself did nothing for me. But I still do not see this “epic romance” that other folks are seeing. Not one bit. More like epic rebound. Epic vulnerability. Epic horniness. There are feelings, but there are definitely more lust than anything. When Luke and Noah kiss for me there’s much more emotion and love in it. Today it was pretty much just two attractive men making out (no matter how I feel about Reid at the moment Eric Sheffer Stevens is pretty good looking) and nothing but that. Luke is distraught, exhausted, conflicted, and horny all at the same time; literally a hot mess.

I will give Reid some credit today for backing off at the end and letting Luke be with Noah. I was expecting a jerky response and am glad to see that didn't happen.

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