Monday, October 8, 2007

You're a mean one, Colonel Mayer...

You really are a heel.... okay, I guess I'm getting into the Christmas spirit a little too early. Well, here we go, on to the point of the latest Luke/Noah featured episodes of As The World Turns. And yes, more Winston Mayer hating. Oh, come on, join in! You know you want to!

Light bulbs go off in Maddie and Henry's heads about how the Colonel had such a quick change of heart about Noah. There's something about him they don't trust. Now normally in a situation like this, the parent(s) involved are sane, and even though it may take time for some to deal with it, there's usually and thankfully no real need to question why they'd accept their kid's sexuality so quickly. But in this case since the parent in question is a complete loon, uh, yeah, something's off.

Meanwhile, most of the Snyder clan are at the farm for a dinner, Noah included. I love seeing Noah and Luke together. I really don't think I can go on without sounding like an ├╝ber-obsessed fanboi, other than to say that Van and Jake have amazing chemistry and they're really cute together. This is where Colonel Mayer invites Luke and Noah on a fishing trip. It may seem like fun, but that's not what the Colonel has in mind.

On the day of the trip, Maddie sees Luke and tries to warn him that something's not right about about the Colonel. Not because of her little bit of jealousy, but because she was a little too cool about Noah. Luke asking "what are the chances of something like that happening?" And cut to dear ol' dad... shining a rifle ready for our unsuspecting Luke.

Meanwhile a staggering/breakdancing Dusty (work on the fainting, Grayson, please) shows up
at the Snyder farm in real bad shape due to him being shot and tells Lily that Winston was the one who shot him. Holden is there and they get into an argument of how they could possibly have known more if Lily hadn't been so secretive about it, all the while chewing her out, not even bothering to mention the conversation that he and Maddie had earlier about Win. And on today's episode at the campsite, still hadn't brought it up. Not to mention she wound up trying to stay out of the murder investigation (up until now for a little bit she was out of town), LIKE HE ASKED. Dude, your son and his boyfriend are in the hands of a psycho. Now's really not the time to play the ol' blame game. And then that nasty look he gave Noah at the hospital... like it's NOAH'S fault his dad is bonkers... even if he didn't mean it, that wasn't cool. I'm real disappointed with that. Can someone seriously give him his dose of Midol already?

You know something? There are almost no adjectives left to describe my opinion of Colonel Winston Mayer. Creepy is... calling him creepy is being nice. Poisonous spiders and cockroaches are creepy. This man is just... this man has no decorum. He's got no heart or soul in him to even CONSIDER hurting Luke like he did after such a heartfelt showing of emotion that Noah showed him. He's probably all hollow inside. You can't help but feel really bad for Noah. I mean, you can't blame the guy for wanting to believe that his dad really wanted to accept him for who he is (who wouldn't?), and he's ready to stop lying to himself and everyone else, and despite what a whack job his father is, this is why I was so happy he came out and he was happier about who he is. It's sad knowing that his dad isn't as cool about it has he says, but it's nice seeing him be happy for once, albeit brief. And when he finds out what Daddie Dearest has been up to (not only trying to kill Luke but also him succeeding in murdering Cheri, and attempting to murder Dusty), any remaining guilt about not making him feel completely proud of him for who he is will fly out the window and go far away. Too bad that right now that his dad is his only family (hopefully this will take an old-fashioned soapy direction and we'll find out someone else was his real father all along; no one deserves this cretin for a father). It'll be hard for Noah to take everything in, but I can't wait for any guilt to go bye-bye. Daddie is so warped he doesn't deserve anyone feeling guilty due to him. It's one thing to want the best for your son, but what he's done is just beyond bizarre, this is just sick.

The outdoor scenes were well done and well filmed. Especially the Luke/Winston struggle and Noah's reaction to everything. Poor Noah... Jake was really good at showing how Noah's world just crashed and exploded before his very eyes. Again the acting never failed to impress me. The intensity and emotion were all there. I reiterate: why can't 95% of the other storylines be this good?

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