Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thumbs Up to GSN's Promotions Department

Today I would like to give major kudos to the GSN promotions department.

Finally as I watch the programming on the network, I start to see a couple more promos which promote more than half of the entire schedule.

The first promo for the daytime line-up is called "Rayburn's Eleven" and include the hosts of the shows that are seen each weekday. Including Chuck Woolery (Love Connection), Bob Eubanks (The Newlywed Game), Monty Hall (Let's Make A Deal), Peter Tomarken (Press Your Luck), Bert Convy (Super Password), Jim Perry (Card Sharks), Alex Trebek (Jeopardy!), Allen Ludden (Password Plus), Richard Dawson & Ray Combs (Family Feud), and Gene Rayburn (Match Game). All hosts and their respective shows air from 9 AM-3:30 PM. It's a pretty imaginative way to promote things, and the only inconsistency I find is that in about two weeks, they'll be airing Password Plus episodes featuring Tom Kennedy. But other than that, very good job.

The second promo for daytime is called "The Four Hour Happy Hour" and features the shows of the 3-7 PM block which mostly contain modern or original series from GSN. Including Chain Reaction, Whammy!, That's The Question, Lingo, To Tell The Truth with John O'Hurley, and Karn Family Feud. The only oldie is the Dawson version of the Feud. Notice Dawson is in both ads.

I'll admit it right now. GSN's version of Chain Reaction, Whammy!, and Karn Feud don't exactly put me in a gleeful mood, and by 3 PM my TV is on Guiding Light. Though I am glad they're realizing that people watch more than what is on prime time. The promos for the prime time shows and the Playmania block can seem endless. I agree prime time is the most important and the word has to get out there, so I'm not against promoting prime time programming. But I've always thought that all of the schedule should be promoted, especially during line-up overhauls. I mean, what's the point of them making major schedule changes if they're not announced over-the-air? If it wasn't for the Internet, people would never know. And plenty of people who aren't regulars to GSN's website but regular to the network will be going "What the hell?!" when they tune in looking for their favorite shows.

I've always wanted to see the shows be promoted individually like GSN's done in the past, but what we see now is certainly an improvement.

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