Friday, February 24, 2012

DOOL: More Flailing About Will Horton

I can’t get over how beautifully told this story on Days of our Lives is. Just simple brilliance.

It was something else as we watched Sonny mention his new plans for the newest coffee place in town and Will got so nervous and fearful about getting involved. I figured it had to be that he thought that being with Sonny and his out friends would have been a constant reminder of how afraid he is to be is own self.

Coming out is often done my many people in a step-by-step basis like what we’re seeing here. So I applaud the realistic nature of this part of Will’s story. It was also nice to see Sonny talk more about his realization and how he dealt with who he is before now when that happened. I knew this story would provide more material for Sonny as a friend and as a character, and what’s actually been on-screen has been pretty much everything I hoped for if not more.

I was so glad to finally see Will confront Sami about what he saw between her and EJ. There’s no way I feel sorry for her. Just no way. The way Sami tried to blatantly lie and deny that it happened in the first place when she was confronted about it and the fact that she seemed more concerned about Rafe finding out pretty much justified and solidified Will’s anger about the entire situation. Could she be any more selfish? Well, there’s that, and who wouldn’t be traumatized if they saw their mom getting their freak on? I was glad to see Will not fall for any of her garbage. And the fact that she STILL continued to do this as the situation worsened just drove me crazy. I know she was scarred when she saw Marlena and John go at it as a kid but there’s only so much she can blame her own mother for. It’s not all about you, girlfriend! This is the kind of stuff that leaves me completely unsympathetic to Sami and makes me not bat an eye when Will gets snarky.

But the really fun part was yesterday, of course. Will finally kissed his first guy! I could not have been more happy to see it. He never kissed Gabi like this! I often say that when it comes to daytime soaps, that it’s all about the payoff. Will is obviously not ready to be out and proud yet, but this is a huge step. A few people have expressed concern about him being drunk when it occurred, but I really like the way the show writes drunk Will. He acts out on his true feelings in spite of his insecurities and doubts. Plus his friend Sonny saw them, so there’s no backing out now.

Yes, Will Horton, there is no turning back now. You kissed a boy, and you liked it.

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