Thursday, July 2, 2009

ATWT: Go, Jake Silbermann!

Monday, June 29th:

So there were some good things about today. First of all, it’s time for more Jake/Noah gushing. I was so amazed with Jake’s acting today. You could really tell Noah was hurting and struggling with what to do with Daddie Dearest. This honestly had to be one of Jake’s best days ever. Secondly, I really liked seeing Luke and Damian work together the way they did with trying to find Noah. So there was some good that came out of today.

However, as much as I truly enjoyed seeing Luke, Noah, and Damian… there were still some pretty big issues from my side. For one thing, this should have gone on at least for the course of three or four days. There’s so much information that could have been had. We could have found out more about Noah’s mother or other aspects of his life. Noah and his father could have really talked more. For the 2,356,724,698,456th time: The Nuke storylines on this show (as well as plenty of other ones too) move too fast. This “episodic” stuff along with making things more plot driven lessens the overall quality of the storylines.

Also the Riley is now Adam bit has much inconsistency. Casey called to find out about Riley/Adam, he could have easily found out the information about the mixed records over the phone. And one other thing… a dominant-type Luke I’m not going to complain much about, but you mean to tell me that Luke and Damian can easily take over that big army guy? Sorry, but that’s just way too surreal to be true. Also, it was surprising to me to see the Colonel lay his eyes on Luke and not go completely ballistic.

Tuesday, June 30th, and basically the rest of the week:

Damian mentions how Luke and Noah must feel right now after going through all that they went through. Noah just had his fugitive father hauled off to PRISON. If only we could SEE how they’re handling this. There’s no reason to wait days for their next appearance after a big day like Monday. Meg can drone on about Dusty and old time.

And I really hate Margo’s blatant favoritism towards Riley/Adam. Also her knowing the fact that Adam tried to rape Gwen just makes it worse. And insisting on keeping this secret from Tom will not go well at ALL in the end. And withholding information from the police; I seem to recall Jack losing his badge for that… hypocrite much, Margo?

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