Saturday, July 11, 2009

ATWT: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Monday, July 6th:

And Margo continues to play favorites. It’s horrible, not just because a parent should not do that with their children, but also because Margo is pretty much supposed to be the town hero. And wow, Adam. I thought you were supposedly turning over a whole new leaf? Way to BS yourself through that story after practically getting caught by Tom, thanks to his information from Luke. Nice surprise by seeing Luke, by the way!

Thursday, July 9th:

FINALLY! About to move into the new apartment! We see the door of the dorm room that could have been. Just more potential on this show not taken advantage of. And Noah got to bond with Damian. You know, show, it would have been really nice to see something like this ON-SCREEN. And as much as it’s probably fun to watch four potentially hot movers move Luke and Noah’s belongings, how much stuff could they possibly have as of yet? When Luke asked Damian for the money for Noah’s film project, it seemed nobler to me than anything, but now I get the feeling this borrowing money bit is just a plot device. This show really needs to quit relying on plot so much.

The “ritual” with Noah burning his father’s things I actually had no problem with, but it really would have been nice to see more of Noah’s struggle with his father on-screen. Lack of screentime is the only thing that leaves it feeling a bit lacking.

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