Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gilmore girls

Gilmore girls was a show that ran on The WB for the first six years of its run, and on the CW for its final year. I never got to see the show much originally, but I did occasionally. And I have been watching the reruns on ABC Family for a good while now daily and I really like this show a lot. It took no time to get hooked and I’m glad I did.

One thing being the very strong mother-daughter bond that the two main characters Lorelai (the mother, played by Lauren Graham) and Rory (the daughter, played by Alexis Bledel) have. This is one of the best family relationships I have seen on television in a long while. They do a lot of things together (shop, watch TV, talk) and they make it really look like fun. Seeing this show makes me wish I had a stronger relationship with my own mother sometimes, especially as a teen. I say this even as a guy. I mean, I never hated my mom or anything, but looking back, I would have loved to have been as open with her as Rory is to Lorelai. The bond is that good between them. They tell each other EVERYTHING. They have so much fun together.

Another reason I like this show is that it has really likable characters that are very easy and fun to warm up to. One of my favorites is drama queen Emily Gilmore (Lorelai’s mother, played by Kelly Bishop), who is awesome. Another character is Dean Forester (Rory’s boyfriend for about two or so seasons, played by Jared Padalecki). I swear, this guy was THE perfect boyfriend. How could Rory let him go?! Not only is he cute and adorable, but he really understands Rory as a person. Unselfish, has a well-described sensitive side, responsible, and respects Rory’s feelings. This is everything you can ask for in a guy, in my humble opinion. And I’m glad that as the fourth season continues on, they remain to be good friends. That is much more that I can say for him than Jess Mariano (played by Milo Ventimiglia), who pretty much treated her like garbage towards the end of their relationship. Jess was cute too and he shared Rory’s interest in books and things, but he was really not a good boyfriend.

Another reason to like this show is the clever, brilliant writing. The pop-culture references are done much better than most of Family Guy’s recent references. Family Guy’s are good too, but the problem now is that on newer episodes, to me, a lot of them just seem way too random and out of place. Every one I’ve seen on Gilmore girls definitely fit in with the show.

I know there are some people out there who often complain and protest about the lack of “family values” on TV shows, especially in a 2000 world and beyond. I’ll just put this out here and now -- if you’re one of these people, THIS is the show for you. It’s fun for people of all ages to get into. I can definitely say this because I’m 21 and enjoy this show. I also have friends near the same age who love it, too, and there are also many other teens who love this show, and older people enjoy it also. My mother loves this show. This is the show for you. Great family fun for an hour without being overly cheesy or smarmy. Watch it on ABC Family. Buy the DVD sets. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I myself never watched the show on He WB, except the occasional times my cousin Tracy, or friend Lauren had it on. And even then, I shrugged it off....Years later, I discovered that Gilmore Girls, a show I figured was a 7th Heaven­type sap­fest about a mother and daughter, had this rabid following. The critical acclaim surrounding the show was amazing as well....I don't usually give into hype, but there was something special here.

What I discovered was the best show, and most unique show to hit TV, since the late 1990's. The characters, the 2 worlds the main girls live in, the backstory of this family, the acting, and of course the dialogue. It doesn't get much better than this. At times, the show feels like it's part of old­time cinema. There's times when you feel like your part of these peoples' lives, and that's what's important. I really haven't felt that way since the heyday of ER and Friends. Roseanne, Buffy, and The Facts Of Life are also examples of this. I felt like I know these people. It's hard to come across that in todays TV world.

When watching this show, over and over again, as I have, it only gets better. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Liza Weil, Edward Hermann, and Kelly Bishop are the standouts, hands down. This show porves that comedy is still very much alive (In the way of words, as Lorelai and Sookie once pointed out. "Prop comedy just isn't funny"). This was a gem, with 7 wonderful years behind it. Shows like this come around only once.