Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chandler Massey Wins Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

This was my favorite part of last night's Daytime Emmy awards!  Chandler has totally taken my heart with his performances as the young, struggling and sensitive Will Horton on Days of our Lives. I relate so much to Will's story on the show, well the coming out stuff mostly, and not so much the dirtybadwrong chemistry with the resident badass EJ DiMera. But he's done such a beautiful and realistic job.

The episode submitted was this one:

It's one of my favorite episodes. I remember being so scared to tell anyone the truth about who I was. When someone is able to strike a chord like this so brilliantly, I know that they have made an impact. I lost it when Will cried and started hugging his grandmother Marlena. Congratulations, Chandler! And keep up the good work!

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