Saturday, January 1, 2011

Online Pick of the Week (1/1): Password Plus

The online pick this week is the first episode of one of my favorite shows.

It is January 8, 1979. The guests are Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth. This was the start of a new era for the classic word game Password. New network (NBC; the previous networks being CBS and ABC), new set, and new music. And a new name for the show, obviously. Password Plus was a perfect example of taking the classic game element of Password and adding something new to it by putting the words into themed puzzles. Some words would make up the description for a person, place, TV show, movie, you name it. When a player reached $300, they won the game and played the bonus round, called Alphabetics.

Alphabetics is a really good example of a fast-paced bonus round. Some fans see what could be considered as a flaw with the illegal clue structure with $1,000 being deducted for each slip-up; though I guess if you were a contestant and got all but one I'm sure you'd be happier with $4,000 instead of $900, no matter how weird it's set up.

A lot of excitement on this episode. Allen was obviously really happy to have the show back on the air, Liz and Robert were good players, and the new puzzle element coupled with the Alphabetics bonus round where someone could win $5,000 added some really nice twists to the show. It's my pick this week.

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