Saturday, January 8, 2011

Online Pick of the Week (1/8): The $10,000 Pyramid

Not to sound like a squealing fanb0i, but OH MY GOD. As a long-time Pyramid fan, I have awaited the possibility of finding a rare episode from the long lost original era of the series. This is what started it all. Before $100,000. Before $50,000. Before $25,000. Hell, before even $20,000; there was The $10,000 Pyramid.

Beforehand, not much was known to exist from the original version of the show, and there still isn't too much, which aired on CBS daytime from 1973, and then moved to ABC a year later. With the exception of about 13 episodes that were found several years ago from special Hollywood taped weeks (the show's original roots were in New York City) and a black-and-white copy of the third episode.

Now we can add another one to the "exists" pile. This episode, which is also a black-and-white copy, is the fifth episode of the premiere week. The guests were June Lockhart and Rob Reiner. The episode was uploaded by the daughter of one of the contestants. A rare find indeed, and a good treat for fans who want to see a show's humble beginnings. Even before the illegal cuckoo sound effect was used.

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