Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GSN's 1 vs. 100: Debut

When I first heard GSN was going to be the ones to revive 1 vs. 100, I was happy but also a bit curious and skeptical in how they'd actually do it. This is show that I always thought deserved better treatment from NBC. To me it always seemed that they cared more about Deal or No Deal.

I'm not that familiar with Carrie Ann Inaba. I do know she's a judge on Dancing with the Stars -- a show I've never seen a full episode of but actually considered watching at least some of this season for Margaret Cho until she was voted off -- so this is my first real time watching her in action. She does a pretty passable job here. She has a good rapport with the contestants and does a nice job at making the contestants feel at home. Not going to lie, but I do miss Bob Saget here. Though I am confident that Carrie will warm up to the show soon enough.

The questions are pretty good. They are written as well as they originally were. I liked that kind of wit that they carried. No problems there. The video mob wall looks decent; though the in-studio mob really helped add a better feel to the show.

One thing I don't really care for is the Ask the Mob lifeline being removed. You can still ask a mob member for their opinion on a particular question. Basically, a really good part of the show that I didn't see the point in removing.

As far as the prize budget goes, I'm really not disappointed about the money that's being played for. Yes, a million dollars was the highest point on NBC, but it has to be remembered that what we saw on there was a weekly nighttime show on a major network. This is a daily version, on GSN for crying out loud. $50,000 is fine. Even if it aired daily in first-run syndication I wouldn't expect the prize amount to be any higher than 6 figures.

New episodes air at 7:00 PM. Some disappointing elements (no "ask the mob" for instance), but in spite of that, I think this is worth watching as far as originals go. Far more exciting than much of the other batch of original shows that GSN have come and gone within the past year.

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