Saturday, November 6, 2010

GSN November Schedule Changes

starting November 15th:

7:00 PM 1 vs. 100 (GSN's new version)
7:30 PM Deal or No Deal (2008-2010 syndie version)
8:00 PM Family Feud (O'Hurley)
8:30 PM Family Feud (Karn)
9:00 PM The Newlywed Game (GSN's version, w/Sherri Shepard)
9:30 PM Baggage
10:00 PM 1 vs 100 (GSN's new version)
10:30 PM Lingo
11:00 PM Deal or No Deal
12:00 AM Catch 21
12:30 AM Family Feud (O'Hurley)
1:00 AM Family Feud (Karn)
1:30 AM $25,000 Pyramid (CBS 1982-88)
2:00 AM Millionaire (Regis)
3:00 AM Card Sharks (NBC 1978)
3:30 AM Card Sharks (CBS 1986)

Lingo also replaces the Newlywed Game/Baggage hour at 12 noon.

Sorry to see $100,000 Pyramid leaving; especially after finding out that reruns of the show have done well for the network. It would have been really nice if GSN just leased a different season of the show. Or better yet, when a show reaches its 100-200 episode mark of said lease, why not just immediately renew, so we can see the entire run in one go? I have to say that also airing $100,000 Pyramid and $25,000 Pyramid back-to-back was one of the few good schedule ideas to come from GSN within the past year or so.

As far as the rest of the schedule goes... most of it is just meh to me these days. I can't get excited about too much programming wise on GSN these days, sad to say. The only show I'm really excited about and actually try to watch daily at this point in time is Match Game '75. And Millionaire at 2 am? I'm sorry, but that's just sad. Pyramid and Card Sharks are die-hard favorites of mine, and I'm glad to see both shows retain spots on the schedule, they're good shows and they deserve it, but I'm thinking it'd be really nice if they'd get different episodes of both series. Both shows do well so it's not like it'd be a bad investment to lease more shows. Basically at this point, if you don't like seeing the same few shows repeated over and over again for most of the day, then you're pretty much screwed.

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