Saturday, December 5, 2009

ATWT: Noah’s Struggle

Monday, November 30th:

Again, this is pretty similar to Luke’s temporalysis situation, especially with the bowl breaking and Noah thinking that he can get it himself. It reminds me of Luke falling in Old Town. Jake is doing a great job at portraying what a struggle this must be for Noah. I was pretty much expecting Noah to lash out a little more. He’s still getting used to his life changing for the worse by being blind. Loved the kiss at the end… the 50th kiss to be exact! And I’m willing to bet money Noah’s stay at this rehab place won’t be for long.

Friday, December 4th:

I have to admit, as much as it’s nice to know how much Noah is apart of the Snyder clan’s lives, I was a bit ticked off that Luke visited Noah off-screen. If then brand spanking new Hunter can visit his mother in a home and if we can watch Carly go through practically every drink in her alcohol addiction storyline, at least one on-screen visit to Noah in his rehabilitation center is not too much to ask.

Meg continues to annoy me to no end. She’s already been played like a violin by Damian and yet she still manages to believe she has a future with him. And I just can’t take Lily and Damian as a couple seriously at all, especially while he’s cavorting around with Meg.

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