Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ATWT: Les Moonves

Les Moonves as a programming head already came off to me as rather ridiculous… having a hand in trying to cancel Reba before the merge to The CW even though it was one of The WB’s highest rated shows just because it didn‘t fit into the precious, coveted, and overrated demo system, and not wanting to let GSN air ANY version of The Price is Right in fear of “over saturation” when that network doesn’t get in near the amounts of homes as CBS, and having the same attitude with not wanting to let AOL put classic episodes of As The World Turns and Guiding Light on their ONLINE channel… but this honestly takes the cake.

I understand that canceling the show was a business decision reflected on the ratings over the past several years... a chunk of the audience have left the show thanks to craptacular decisions by Goutman, Passanante, and Co., but the least one could do as the head of the network is be classy about it. I thought Brian Cahill’s reaction was a lot of bunk but if someone thinks it was manufactured or not, it was at least classy sounding. I do not care if a Pyramid revival comes out of this; canning a staple show like this is NOT funny. At ALL. Especially considering the announcement was made just a little over 2 weeks before Christmas and also especially considering the interview was with Marie Masters’ son-in-law. I’d love to see him have this attitude if he were ever fired.

Les, do all us World Turns fans a favor and go to charm school.

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