Friday, February 25, 2011

Empty Nest Marathon This Saturday

So, so excited! Found out earlier today that Hallmark Channel this Saturday (tomorrow) will be giving a big treat: 24 hours of Empty Nest! Yes, that would be the spin-off of The Golden Girls featuring Richard Mulligan as Dr. Harry Weston.

From the looks of the schedule, they'll be airing the first season in its entirety. Starts at 6 am. Ends at 6 am Sunday. It's really nice to see this show back in syndication. It hasn't been on television in a rather long time. 24 hour marathons can be a lot to handle, I'll admit, but this show for some reason is so rarely shown on television these days I think it'll certainly be worth it. The Golden Girls has since been on in reruns and has constantly gained new fans this way; also all of Golden Girls is out on DVD. It's nice to see the spin-off Empty Nest get some of this attention again. It'd also be nice if we could see some DVD releases from Buena Vista regarding this show, too.

There's something else I noticed: both The Golden Girls and Empty Nest are being featured on the same network again. I don't think that's happened in quite a while!

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