Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can't wait for Feud this fall

When I first heard Steve Harvey was going to host Family Feud this fall, I was surprised. But the more I thought about it, I realized, he could be a really great host. Because he's got experience of working with people as a television host (e.g. Showtime at the Apollo, Steve Harvey's Big Time), so there's that. And he's also quick witted and can surely tell a good joke.

And if that isn't enough convincing, seeing this clip of the show pretty much reinforced that view point: The Feud is going to be in very good hands:

I mean, I just love that for once if someone has a stupid answer to give, it's going to be called out on. And the contestants judging from this clip realize that it's all in good fun and no harm is intended. As much as I really enjoyed some of Richard Karn's and John O'Hurley's eras of the show, I couldn't stand it to see all these really dumb and ridiculous answers constantly applauded over and over. I like that the families are supposed to encourage each other, but that was a bit much.

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Michael F said...

I agree with you! I hate when the audience keeps applauding no matter what answer is said. Good to see a host talk about dumb answers. When a contestant gave a stupid answer on Match Game, Gene Rayburn would let everyone know that the answer was a rotten one! Same with Richard Dawson and Ray Combs on Family Feud. But Karn and O'Hurley acted phony about it. Steve Harvey is going to be funny. Great post, Brandon!